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Class SafeUrl

  • @Immutable @JsType public final class SafeUrl extends ObjectA string that is safe to use in URL context in DOM APIs and HTML documents.A SafeUrl is a string-like object that carries the security type contract that its value as a string will not cause untrusted script execution when evaluated as a hyperlink URL in a browser.Values of this type are guaranteed to be safe to use in URL/hyperlink contexts, such as, assignment to URL-valued DOM properties, or interpolation into a HTML template in URL context (e.g., inside a href attribute), in the sense that the use will not result in a Cross-Site-Scripting vulnerability.Note that this type’s contract does not imply any guarantees regarding the resource the URL refers to. In particular, SafeUrls are not safe to use in a context where the referred-to resource is interpreted as trusted code, e.g., as the src of a script tag.
    • Field Detail
      • INNOCUOUS_STRINGpublic static final String INNOCUOUS_STRINGThe innocuous string generated by SafeUrls.sanitize(String) (or when passed an unsafe URL. about:invalid is registered in permits about URLs to contain a fragment, which is not to be considered when determining if an about URL is well-known.See Also:Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail
      • toStringpublic String toString()Returns a debug representation of this value’s underlying string, NOT the string representation of the URL.Having toString() return a debug representation is intentional. This type has a GWT-compiled JavaScript version; JavaScript has no static typing and a distinct method method name provides a modicum of type-safety.Overrides:toString in class ObjectSee Also:getSafeUrlString()
      • getSafeUrlStringpublic String getSafeUrlString()Returns this value’s underlying string. See class documentation for what guarantees exist on the returned string.

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